Who has influenced you?

March 2021

Who has influenced you? This question may come up in an interview, speaking with a friend or a question a teacher may ask you.

Your final decision may end up being one person or a few people.

During each stage of your life you may have had a different person who has influenced you.

Each individual teaches you lessons that you carry on with you each and every day.

They may provide guidance, advice, or encouragement to you.

You will remember the stories they have shared with you and you keep them in a special place in your heart.

Hearing their voice inside your head when you are challenged or having to make a difficult decision will allow you to be more at ease.


Not only did they guide you along your life but they also made a lasting impression.

You remember them as a friend who went above and beyond to make sure you were headed in the right direction.

You admired this individual who lifted you up to better suit your desires in life.


This individual provided you with the tools you needed to become successful in your journey of achieving a goal.

You saw something in this person that drew you to them and acknowledged that they were a type of person you were looking up to.

With the help of your influencer, this person has allowed you to grow into who you wanted to be.


So I ask you to take a minute and reach out to that individual who made a difference in your life.

Give them a shout out and thank them for inspiring you!


As always- Be positive, Be thankful, Be you

Jenna Arnett

  • John Rossini

    Well done!!!! Great content!!!

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