What Quote Speaks To You

September 2021

I’ve always had a love for quotes and really enjoy how much they speak and can relate to me.
Each phase of my life I find different quotes that reflect what I may be going through.
It helps me put things into perspective and lets me take a minute to really focus on the meaning.
One quote that speaks to me is “Grow through what you go through”.

This quote has a lot of meaning to me in all aspects of my life.
Each situation I have been in or currently in I find myself growing, having different views and being able to express myself for the better.
With time, healing, and being understanding has helped me go through life in a more positive way.
I believe if you don’t grow through a situation or a life experience you are not fully growing to your potential.
Growing in your life is for the better and allows you to see how far you have become as a person.

Stages of life happen to all of us but it is how you accept it, adapt and adjust.
The older we get the more we realize that life will throw us curve balls but also give us blessings on blessings.
We will go through so much but remember there is always a lesson to be learned and each circumstance you will grow from and become stronger.
Take the good with the bad. You have more to celebrate than you think. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.
Everything happens right on time! Believe in your growth.

As Always- Be Positive, Be Thankful, Be You

Jenna Arnett

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