What are your top three distractions?

October 2021

Distractions tend to lead us off track but unfortunately they occur in our daily lives.
There is always a distraction waiting around the corner. It is important to try and hold your distractions at bay.
My current three distractions are: social media, tv shows and my own thoughts.

All three distractions tend to interfere with my life but I have learned some ways to release the distraction in order to focus on being in the present.
Having such easy access to social media these days makes it very difficult to disconnect.
By giving myself a time limit on social media allows me to be consistent with my daily tasks.
Without some sort of limit I find myself falling into a rabbit hole and the next thing you know I’ve been scrolling for a long period of time.
It is not a good habit to have therefore this solution has become a part of my day to day life.

The next distraction for me is tv shows. When I was growing up, television was much different than it is today.
If you wanted to watch a certain tv show you had to know what day and time it was airing.
Nowadays you can record shows or binge watch series that were already released.
This gives me easier access to be able to sit down and watch a show for an extended amount of time.
My solution to this distraction is giving myself a fixed time in my day where I could catch up on shows.
This would allow me to then be able to be more productive in my day without being a couch potato.

My third distraction is my own thoughts in my head. I am a very organized, type A person.
This quality can be very positive but it also can also take up a lot of head space.
I find myself drifting off and making sure I have accomplished everything on my to do list or if I need to add anything else.
Trying to juggle many different things in life, this distraction can definitely distract me.
My solution to this distraction is to try to regain focus and also make a ton of lists that I can refer back to.
This has helped a lot because my thoughts and tasks are written down and are always with me.
It has become a nice little security blanket.

So I ask you, what are your top three distractions and how do you try and work through them?

As always – Be Positive, Be Thankful, Be You

Jenna Arnett

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