Social Media & Communication Skills

August 2021

Nowadays our society is very consumed in social media by having all of these apps located at our fingertips.
It has become a norm for most people to go onto Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. on a daily basis.
These apps have been another way for people to communicate making
verbal communication less and less common.
The younger generations are losing verbal communication which inhibits
their ability to hold a conversation with friends, family and outsiders.
Most of their conversations or interactions are behind a screen through a keyboard.
Whether it be their phone or computer screen.

The saying goes “communication is key”.
However, with people not properly being able to communicate hurts them in the long run.
People should learn from a younger age how to communicate their feelings,
emotions and concerns verbally to someone without relying on an app to do so.
We should all try to keep verbal communication alive because it not only helps build relationships but
it also helps someone really understand where the other person is coming from.
Hearing someone’s voice can make a difference on how a conversation goes.
You can hear a tone or an expression of happiness or sadness.
Through a text or email this can sometimes be misconstrued.

Reach out or meet up with someone today!

As Always,
Be Positive, Be Thankful, Be You

Jenna Arnett

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