Positive Mindset

December 2020

Each new year brings excitement, new goals are set, and you have a fresh start to life.

Many of us like to have a routine in place, be able to go out to restaurants new or old, vacation and spend time with friends and family.

Within 3 months, everyone’s lives were changed in 2020.

No one ever expects to live through a pandemic and have “normal” life shut down!

Many parents are now homeschooling their children while still working and teachers are trying to teach virtually.

Some businesses are temporarily closed or shutting down completely.

Someone’s friend or relative is trying to survive and recover from COVID, and weddings are being postponed or rescheduled.

Those are just a few of the many scenarios the world is facing during this time.

As we enter into a new year of 2021 we all have that thought of “it can’t be as bad as last year”.

A new year is a time to reflect on your past year but also be ready for what is to come.

Each year should be full of growth from within. We all live crazy busy lives.

However each day we are learning something new, meeting someone new, creating a life that best fits you and checking off items on our bucket/to do list.

When it really comes down to it people value the friendships they have made, the family bonds that they hold and the person they have become.

With a new year people always believe this is a fresh start for them in so many areas of their lives. In reality, it should be a continuing evolving door on key areas that need more attention than others. By creating the best version of yourself allows you to be more open with people, be a kinder person and give with an open heart. You will attract what you put out into the universe.

While many of us started to feel a mix of emotions, the one area that we do have control of is our mindset. Through these uncertain times we always need to remember to stay positive, find the good in each situation and keep praying.This too shall pass, but in the meantime there’s always someone who is struggling even more than you. Be the person who continues to brighten someone’s day. Kindness and a smile can go a long way. While we adapt and adjust to each new situation we face in life we also realize how strong we become!

No matter the challenges we encounter, make sure we work on having a positive mindset.

Train our brain, put out to the universe your thoughts, be grateful, and remember to take time for yourself as everyone is valuable.

Dominate the year! Ask for help along the way, but keep improving yourself throughout the process. Everything takes time! As long as you put in the work and give 100% you are setting yourself up for success. Continue your journey one step at a time.

As always  – Be Positive, Be Thankful, Be You

Jenna Arnett

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