February 2021

What does the word love mean to you?

We enter the month of February where we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of Love!

This one day is dedicated to love.

However we should be spreading love each and every day!

Everyone needs to be loved, share love and accept love into their lives.

The feeling of someone caring for you and showing how much they mean to you is a huge piece of someone’s life. Love is pure. Love is kind. Love is contagious.

No matter what you have in life, no matter what you were given in life, there is no price tag on how much love you can share with others.

Each one of us has the ability to provide love in all that we do. It’s a choice of ours to give and receive love.


Love can affect you in many ways. It can make you feel vulnerable, it can make you feel excited and it can bring you closer to someone.

Any type of feeling you may have towards sharing love, my advice to you is to never be afraid.

Someone may fear the rejection of love while others may feel an abundance of love towards others.

Love is expressed differently in every family, every friend and every stranger.


Remember you have the choice to continue the love in a deeper way to your inner circle and to those strangers who may turn into a great friend.

What if we all spread our genuine love everyday? Decrease the negative energy and embrace it with love.


We are all capable of being nice to each other, being polite and grateful while spreading the love we all need.

Everyone has their own story but we all have love within us.

Be mindful of your day and make note if you were able to sprinkle a little love dust someone’s way 🙂


As always- Be positive, Be thankful, Be you

Jenna Arnett

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