Life Skills

June 2021

What life skills are instilled in you?
Do you realize each day you come across using more than one life skill in your daily life?
Although they are not a requirement to take in schools, we usually learn these skills through our parents, grandparents,
coaches, family members and friends.
There are many life skills that are extremely important to be aware of.
The three that I wanted to touch base on are decision making, problem solving and communication.

The first one is decision making. We all have come across making decisions in our life whether they are big or small.
We may write down pros and cons to help us come to a decision or discuss the opportunity with family members
and friends to help with the final conclusion.
Throughout our lives we will constantly be making decisions.
While we always strive to make the right decision sometimes we take a risk and hope for the best.
Many people have the ability to make quick decisions while others take more time contemplating, going back and forth.
There is no right or wrong way to reach your outcome but in certain situations will require an answer in a more timely fashion. This may cause some stress because now there’s pressure on you but if you stick to your gut and intuition you will be guided to your answer much quicker.

The second life skill is problem solving. Each day someone will encounter a problem that occurs and will need to be able to find a solution.
When problems occur people usually become high strung, nervous and may feel like the world is ending.
Rather than letting these emotions flood your brain, take a step back, breathe and refocus with a clear mind.
You will realize you were able to release those overwhelming feelings and can now tackle the issue with a better understanding.
Problems will always appear but it is the way you handle them. Having a positive mindset will allow you to focus on getting a positive result.

The third life skill is communication. As the saying goes “communication is key”. This statement can relate to all areas of your life.
With communication brings conversation. With conversation brings a dialogue between people.
Having an open conversation allows both parties to understand where each one is coming from.
It also enables one person to utilize their listening skills and be able to prepare their response.
Communicating provides a person an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings.
If you hold them in people tend to explode causing a situation to engulf into flames.
Feeling comfortable enough to have conversation with people opens you up to others in a positive light.
There will be difficult conversations as well as easier ones but never be afraid to express yourself.
You can always start a conversation by asking someone how they are doing or how their day is going.
This shows that you are interested in this person, care for them and willing to have a conversation with them.

Life skills can always be improved as well as being self conscious on how they are used each day.

As always- Be positive, Be thankful, Be you

Jenna Arnett

  • Cynthia Rossini

    Love this, Jenna!
    Often times life will allow us some situations or challenges to arise. The gift in all of this is when we realize that they are actually an opportunity to gain a Learning! Thank you for sharing! xoxo

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