Health & Wellness

April 2021

Do you make your health and wellness a priority?
Do you set a time in your day to tackle a workout?
Do you make sure to eat a healthy well balanced diet?

These are a few questions to think about while we go about our day to day lives.
As many of you already know our health is a huge part of our life.
If we are not healthy, then it limits our ability to live the life we were born to live.

We should listen to our bodies more often and gain a better understanding of how it speaks to us.
You and I are the only people fully in control of how we treat our bodies.
Cherish each area whether we totally love every feature that we were given.

Many people think it’s a chore to always eat healthy! That it’s too expensive! There is not enough time to work out!
All of these are excuses and will continue to be one if you don’t nurture yourself in the best way possible.

Making your health and wellness a main priority will help you with your mindset to achieve your goals.
Make sure to schedule your routine doctor check ups even if you think you’re healthy.
Stay on top of those appointments every year as things can change very quickly.
It is always better to catch something in the early stages before it’s too late.

Be the boss of your body!

As always- Be positive, Be thankful, Be you

Jenna Arnett

  • Cynthia Rossini

    This is fantastic information!
    Remember to keep it simple…small steps lead to big changes!
    Adding in an extra banana, smoothie or salad is a great place start!

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